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Names Customization

Are you new to string art? Welcome, we’re glad to have you! String art is one of the most aesthetically pleasing DIY projects you can think of. Often referred to as pin-and-thread art, string art is an addicting artform that is inviting to the most experienced crafter and the newcomer alike. Through the creation of intricate designs, crafters turn a plank of wood into a work of art. String art designs are not only fun projects but they are even better gifts. Is there a birthday, housewarming, shop inauguration, wedding, or anniversary coming up? Your string art creation is a unique way to show.

The entire concept revolves around a few simple tools and materials:
* Wood board
* Embroidery floss
* Nails  

Add to that a mind full of creative ideas. The nails are hammered into the wood board in a distinct pattern. The embroidery floss is then used to follow the pattern and bring the design to life. The floss will criss-cross and wrap around the nails to fill in the blank space which results in a seemingly complex creation

For Customizing Your Names:


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